Wholeness. I’m Asia. I midwife powerful earth stewards and healers at the intersection of bioregional adaptation, personal transformation and earth-centered education in Denver.

I’m here when you turn to the embrace of the earth. When the politicized constructs placed on your body become hungry ghosts leaving you searching for something real. Always with my ear to the soil, I can show you how to heed the instruction of the mineral, microbial, and botanical beings and discover the home that lives inside your body.

I strive to create engaging, revelatory, and generative group experiences. I take on projects for groups of all sizes while centering individual impact. It’s my belief that individual growth is accelerated in collectivity. Organizations can engender cultures whose impact spreads laterally, horizontally and through space time. What would it be like if the goal of those organizations was earth care, people care and fair share? Call on me for new frontiers in diversity, equity and inclusion. Team building experiences that create depth and intimacy. Workshops that center play, inquiry, imaginal expansion and black life. Let’s build a retreat and practice new ways of being and have it be so.

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